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10 Percent Return A Month Not Possible From Stock Markets

Please read to know why it is nearly impossible to make up to 15% a month from stock markets or options and futures trading.

Most people on this Earth when told about the stock markets think that 10% a month is achievable. And once their d-mat share trading account is opened they try that and keep losing money.

Let’s not go very far.In 2007 when I was introduced to stock markets by my friends I also thought the same. That 7 Lacs loss is due to the greed to make Ten percentage a month. Reality is I lost almost 7-8% a month.

I was lucky I had only 7 lacs in my saving account else if more I would have lost that as well.

Is Making 10% a Month Possible In Nifty option?

If you take a long view means ten % a month continuously for 1 year or a 120% return in a year. The answer is NO.

Occasionally fluke trading in one month out of 12 – the answer is yes. But please do not forget that 10% if you made in a month was result of a fluke not out of your judgment or knowledge.With the help of our strategy you can earn up to 30 to 40 % Return per year.

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